Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm thinking and still keep on thinking

Late last night I was lying in bed, lazily... while browsing through some other bride to be's blog. Then all of a sudden I came up with one crazy idea. I want to have a photoshoot. Something like a pre-wedd photoshoot but I think it'll be more like pre-engagement photoshoot... *maybe* When I think about that idea, I had only one photographer in my mind who is actually my classmate. Things even get better after I talked to him. I told him about my crazy demand in order to ask for his service. And you know what, he just gladly said yes. He didn't even ask for payment even though I insist to. For those who didn't really have any idea of how a pre-wedd photoshoot looks like, you should take a look at these adorable couples... :)

The Couple: Elly and Johan
Theme: Back to School
Pictures from: The Babbles of a Bride

The Couple: Amy and Atim
Theme: Outdoor Photoshoot
Pictures from: Your Wedding Inspirations

Aren't these pictures great ? I really love their pictures and the ideas.

Sadly, up until now I can't make up with any cute ideas for the shoot. A friend of mine were suggesting that it should be like "The couples went to town" where me and Mr.Heart will have to wear wedding gown and tuxedo just like the western wedding couples. The cute part is that these couples went into town wearing that. Might be in bus stop or anything like that... The idea is really cute but i think for a girl who wears hijab like me... It'll be quite hard to find a suitable wedding gown. Plus, it'll have to rent the gowns.

So now... I'm still searching for another cute theme... Ideas anyone ?


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

love back to school =)

d'Fedrin said...

adorable right ?
the couple is just so lucky to have came out with a cute ideas...


Chan said...

a'ah la, lawa. mmg akan stand out la among others. =D

d'Fedrin said...

kn ? x sabar ak nk tgk ak nyer sendiri nnt... hahaha... :p