Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Diary Exposed: Flower-Girls

This is another version of The Diary Exposed where all info about the team is up. I am so lucky to have these great friends to help me with the preparations for my engagement day. I know all of the members of the team are also eager about the solemnization and wedding day but yeah, those days are about one and a half year away so we'll keep track about that on a later time.

So now, the members are;

A friend who shares the same hometown with me. When you say dress, accecories, or even cakes... she already had the thought in her mind on where to find these items in my hometown which is great actually because I don't have any ideas about it and neither do my mom.

Obviously, she shares the same excitement. She had quite an interest in photography which makes her really eligible to share some thoughts especially on the appearances. The colors, make-ups or even designs. Yeah, she could even be my photographer on that day...

When we talk about skills, you could say that she got the talent. The leadership makes it easier for us to organize the checklist or even the schedule. Thou it seems like its not much, but believe me... All those simple things are actually bigger than what we usually see.

Nadiah Begum
She's simple, happy-go-lucky flower-girl. When everyone is in tense, you shouldn't be surprised if she suddenly pop out her thoughts and makes each and everyone of us nodded our head. Sometimes she can give you crazy ideas that you'll never get every time you want to make things right.

Basically, this diary is not just all about me. Its about us. How we learn to do things in our own way. Sharing opinions, organizing things and smile at the end. The diary of the times when we walk the path and experiencing for a better ending. We are not just flower-girls. We are also princesses in our own world, one day.

Thanks for the help, babes. :)


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

besh ada kawan2 yg membantu. blogwalking n jumpa ur blog. nice blog. salam b2b. im follo n linked u yea =)

lelieylea said...

ahah!sy feymes!masok dlm blog nana!..woot woot!sape nk otograp?hehe;D

u,,flower girls x disponsor ker dress nye?hehe.(shiqa jerit dgn lemah lembut dr blkng,,size die kena ade!)

anyways,,ur most welkam from all of us..ur epyy,,so do us:D:D

d'Fedrin said...

hahaha... korang doa2 la time wedding nnt flowergirls ader dress...

time tunang mmg lom lgla..
tp awl2 dah cop korang jd flowergirls..