Tuesday, August 31, 2010

*blink blink* I think I choose...

When it comes to make / planning an event... The first thing that we should think is the theme, right ? This is where my first problem lies... In my case, the theme color. What color should I choose for my engagement?

Basically I had the idea of having a navy blue + peach (creamy) theme for engagement. Or I could have something mixed with silver. I love the purple families which includes violet and magenta. So I was also thinking of having them mixed with silver. Not all the color in the family, of course... Magenta maybe ? The color should be something like this...

The navy blue + peach color is seriously adorable... don't you think ?

Magenta + silver looks so cute !
These colors really make it hard for me to choose one.
But yeah, I think it'll be harder to find things that is magenta in color.

Or I could choose purple to be mixed with silver just like this dress.
It kinda look great.
But I think this color is quite common in Malaysia, right ?

So, who vote for navy blue + peach ?

And yeah, I can't choose chocolate or pink for my engagement because I already had my eyes set to make the combination of chocolate and pink as my wedding theme color. Nyum nyum ~ It'll be yummy just like Chocolate Strawberry ! :)


lelieylea said...

hmmm,,how about magenta + blue + silver?

d'Fedrin said...

menarik ! nnt kte try mix n match same2 nak ?

waaa... rambang mata... ngee ~

lelieylea said...

suka suka suka!
we shud hang out again and start with the new discussion!..
owh ye,,,sy kempunan nk mkn western!mariiiiii.....

d'Fedrin said...

yup. definitely ader new discussion... hehehe..

western ? nana on je..
bile korg free gtau la k.. :D