Monday, August 30, 2010

The Diary Exposed: Bridezilla

The idea of having a Bridezilla Diary is actually a spontaneous idea. Four of us were having a blast last night and the words about the idea just slipped through my mouth. All of sudden everyone was just like "Great Idea !" At first I was thinking of having the diary in the form of large scrapbook where I can cut and paste pictures and also decorate the book with cute and colorful stuffs. Unfortunately, I can't find one that suits my taste.

This Bridezilla Diary will function as an organizer for me starting from my Engagement, my Solemnization and my Wedding. What I want, what color it'll be, the clothes designs, etc. And the great news is, Cuna had already agreed to help me with the preparation for the Engagement day. It'll be great because she's so full with ideas *while I have none.* Hahaha... Better prepare the checklist now... :)

Moments until Engagement ; 3month and 19days.


lelieylea said...

lea ngn nadia mane?oo..cuna je?haaa..cedey:(
wuuu..(eh,shiqa jerit2 kat blakang nk interframe gak)hehe:)
so eppyy eppyy for u nana:D

d'Fedrin said...

korang termasuk dlm team yg nana tulis kt 'yg nak jadi bride-zilla ni'...

hahaha... btw.. nnt akn ader post expose' segala jawatankuasa yg ader... :p

shiqa - xbaek jerit2... nnt org tu xnk msg... hahahaha... :D

lelieylea said...

ohoooo...ade ajk tertinggi ye?hehe;D
dpt sijil x?;D

(ooopsss,,shiqa berlari tersipu maluu ke dlm bileknye)

hmm,nana dh wat blog,lea ingt nk wat xpe,,i akan berusaha to find a big vintage scrapbook first for my wedding diary.kalu x jumpe,br i wat blog.;)

d'Fedrin said...

hahaha... i lak terbalik..

last time i sesat dlm MPH Mid Valley nk cari that large scrapbook... so i end up buat blog. but i still akn cari.. lau i jumpa i gtau u.

ader satu kedai khas tuk scrapbook kt OU. I just don't have the chance to went there... if not.. mmg i geledah kedai tu.. :p

lelieylea said...

ughh,,kat ou eyh??we shud go thre asap!haha..
i think nk wat 2 is my wedding scrapbook,,and another one is my love-journey scrapbook..

d'Fedrin said...

woah !
love-journey scrapbook !

I loike ! :p