Saturday, December 4, 2010

Real Wedding: Azuana & Shahizan

Firstly, a really big sorry for not updating this blog for quite a long time. I was so busy with studies and also my engagement preparation. Well, back to the real wedding story... Today I had attend a wedding in Chemor, Perak. It was En. Kekasih Hati sister's wedding, Azuana.

all the picture was taken from the bride's facebook account.

Their solemnization day was yesterday and they had a white theme for it. I just love how they look so lovely together in this picture... :)

They had a theme of red and white for their reception day. The dais was white in color therefore the bride and groom nampak menyerlah when they had their sanding..

This is the full view of the pelamin.
That chandelier was mind blowing, you know.. :p

and this was the table set-up for makan beradap.

It was a great wedding. There are a lot of people and the bedroom was so beautiful. I forgot to mention... There are no picture of me since I had to run away from all the cameras. Everyone was like asking which one is En. Kekasih Hati future fiancee and everything which obviously they were looking for me... It was quite funny and nervous at the same time especially when you realize that people were staring at you even when you're eating... Guess I was quite a celebrity for today since we'll get engaged for just less than a month now...

I guess, that's all for now... see ya !

p/s: Selamat Pengantin Baru, sis Azuana. Wish you all the happiness in life.. :)


anaztasias aira said...

cantek !!! love it !!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

pelamin dia sangat chantek.

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nana,

majlis kamu dah nak dekat. wish you all the best k. moga semua berjalan lancar. amin.

d'Fedrin said...

anaztasias & mizzamy :
hehehe.. I pun love the wedding.. especially the pelamin.. :p

ciksyahira :
amin. thanks a lot for the wish, dear and sorry sbb sgt2 busy sampai sebabkn blog ni berhabuk.. :D