Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sneak-peak on the invitation.

Since the engagement will be a private event for family and friends, I don't really mail the invitation. I only have a few guest on my list. Therefore the invitation will be uploaded through my facebook account and also my blogspot account.

The invitation (e-card) was fully designed by me using Adobe Photoshop CS3. It has a dash of chocolate and pink with some flowery design. I had finished designing it around a month ago and so eager to upload it. But I think I want it to remain as a surprise. You'll see when the time comes for the invites. Hehehe. Its nothing complicated. Just a simple design, enough to ease the heart.

The event will be held in my hometown, Taiping.
To my blogger friends, if you're around the area on 01.01.2011..
Feel free to attend. I seriously would love to know you..

          You can leave me a comment or send me an email

so that I can put you name together with the update
when I am formally inviting later.

Hugs and Kisses again ! :)


sk said...

hye nana! my fiance dr taiping!! =)

maybe nnt mase ur wedding, blehla dtg. hihi

d'Fedrin said...

waaa... I Like !
Tp wedding I dlm 2 taun lg..

Xpe2... U tggu wedding card I sampai nnt lg dua taun tau... Hehehe.


anaztasias einz said...

wah2 rindu nak taiping. kalo saya kebetulan ada sana saya inform ek =)

d'Fedrin said...

anaztasia einz;
hehehe... jgn lupe inform tau. sangat teringin nk jumpa kwn2 blogger wlaupun baru je join kwn2 b2b neh.. :)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nana,

nice date. 1.1.2011. alhamdulillah kamu dah ada tarikh. saya tak dapat tarikh lagi ni. macam mana ni? cemas. cemas. hu3x

d'Fedrin said...

Waalaikumussalam, Cik Syahira.

Alhamdulillah dah ad tarikh. Hehehe. Terima Kasih. Xpe2.. Jgn cemas.. Boleh wat preparation slow2... :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

wah dear... nice date lah. nanti ur wedding boleh lah pergi. tak pernah sampai taiping lagi nie. ;)

d'Fedrin said...

Thanks, MizzAmy...

Taiping best. Cantik.
Tggu nnt I hantar wedding invitation lg 2taun tau... Hehehe. :)