Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Its the bouquet again !

Great news ! Do you still remember the fun, amazing bouquet on my previous entry? If you don't remember or haven't read it yet, you can read it here. So, the news is.. I managed to found out that the bouquet was called as Brooch Bouquet. It seems that this bouquet was very popular among overseas brides.

and, it is great to know that... You can DIY this bouquet.

I haven't tried it yet. But as I read the instructions, it seems that the steps are similar with other hand bouquet's instruction. There are also some complicated step, of course.

Here's some other picture of the Brooch Bouquet.
picture credit to Fancy Pants Weddings

If you're interested, feel free to view the instruction here. Thanks a lot to Fancy Pants Weddings for this great info...

p/s: Lovely bride-to-be(s).. If you have tried to DIY this bouquet, feel free to leave your comment. I would love to have a sneak peak on your gorgeous bouquet... :)


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

menarik lah. nak kena usha2 nih. mana tahu boleh diy sendiri kan? further more beza skit dengan trend kat mesia. ;)

d'Fedrin said...

yup. serious.
setakat ni belum jumpa lg Malaysian Bride yg pkai Brooch Bouquet ni.

Sangat sesuai utk sape2 yg gune tema Garden or Open Air wedding... :)

sk said...

very unique kan? cantik!! tp mesti berat klu kita pakai brooch yg besar2 tuh. hihi

d'Fedrin said...

maybe. hehehe.. tp xdela berat sgt kot. cume mmg x sesuai la nak maen cmpak2 kt bridesmaid.. bahaye.. :p

CikSyafa said...

wow...bole DIY?huhu best ni.thanx fot the info ^__^

btw i linked u ya

d'Fedrin said...

CikSyafa ;
your welcome. hehehe.
u nk try DIY ke? if u bejaya gtau i taw... hehehe. :)