Friday, October 29, 2010

Paper Blossom Hydrangea Pomander.

Since the moment I found Fancy Pants Weddings website, I totally fall in love with it. Therefore, I keep on browsing through the site. Guess what, I found a cute pomander ball.

Picture source: Fancy Pants Weddings

For those who'll be having pomander ball in your wedding, you could consider this idea.. In contrast to flowers pomander ball, this ball was made using paper which obviously requires smaller amount of money. You can DIY this yourself. Just click here to see its instructions.

Happy decorating ! :)


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

ha'ah... nice one dear. memang chantek and of course lebih jimat.

Renee Meow said...

ouhhh pretty...very2 interesting.. i like things dat r different.. love it! :)


d'Fedrin said...

mizzAmy ;
Hehehe... thanks. I nyer wedd lmbt lg.. Jd jalan2 cuci mata n share info jela.. :p

Renee Meow ;
Yg different tu la boleh jd trend setter... hehehe. Mende ni from overseas nyer web.. Mmg idea dy lain drpd yg kt Malaysia la.. :)

R-YuzSha said...

salam d'Fedrin,
Suweetnyer.. kaler pink lagi bole buat deco untuk e-day.. ehehehe ~kalau rajin~
Salam kenal..

d'Fedrin said...

Salam kenal jgk.

Hahaha.. if rajin, DIY la ye. Tak rugi tu... :p

R-YuzSha said...

totally agree wif u..

Anonymous said...

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