Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Diary Exposed : Honeymoon

I know that there is still a long way to go until the marriage, but I can't help myself from falling in love with Sipadan Water Village Resort @ Mabul Island [SWV]. At first I was so determined to have a honeymoon at Karambunai, Sabah but unfortunately after surfing the net to find some info about the place, I do found some bad review about it. It is undeniable that the place is really gorgeous but the problem lies within the management. Well, I'm not sure about it either since I haven't been there.

After having quite a disappointment, I came up with a new resolve. I am determined to find another place that'll suits my dream. This is where I found Sipadan Water Village Resort. 

Seriously ! This place is gorgeous !

and even the view from the chalet caught my eyes.

This is the view inside the resort's restaurant.
during dinner time.

Gosh ! I already told En. Kekasih Hati about this and he was just as excited as I am, which is great ! We've decided that we want to have our honeymoon here. All that's left is to find more info on the rates and packages. Since we still had a long way to go until our wedding day, guess we can take it easy with the reservations and things. Nice ! If anyone had more info about this please, please leave a comment will you? and yeah, same thing goes to anyone who have another great place to suggest for honeymoon. :)

p/s: I've always dream of myself having these kinds of romantic honeymoon just like a princess since I was a little girl, you know. Hehehe.


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

sama lah kita. tgh bercita2 nak berhoneymoon kat sipadan. rate dia not bad jugak kat sana. around rm1.5k per person.

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nana.

last weekend sy dan sweetheart pun ada cerita-cerita tentang honeymoon ni.
backpacking adalah salah satu impian saya masa honeymoon.
saya teringin nak lakukan aktiviti macam ni dengan dia. haha..
agak mencabar juga tu. *wink

d'Fedrin said...

mizzamy ; around 1.5k per person eh? bgsnye... xpe2... mizzamy.. pegi.. jgn x pegi... rugi tau... :p

cik syahira ; waa... backpacking... hahaha... i x cukup lasak. x brani nk buat. lgpun i rase i lebih mengada2 kot... tu yg semangat pilih yg ala2 romantik, gitu... :D

Mrs Emzee said...

Salam der, my 1st visit to ur blog. Anyhoo, i got married last 7mths. If nak pegi any island, must make sure dier punya activity malam apa. Cos takut pukul 7pm dh taktau buat apa. Just a random thought tho.

d'Fedrin said...

wah... tak terfikir lak pasal tu kn. Hehehe. Thanks for the thoughts.