Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cute way of saving Money :)

It is true that having your dream wedding or engagement is an important aspects. This is the time where you choose what ever you want. Realize your dream. But, it is also important to work within your budget.

So, I've been thinking of DIY-ing my doorgift.

I've decided that it must be something edible. Since I've some experience in baking, I guess making the cookies might not be that hard. But the real problem lies with the decorations. How to make it cute?

Actually I kinda imagine it should be in a box like this; 

source ; M.A.C

touch it up with some ribbons and tags,
then voila ! you're done.

The thing is, thou its not too much... these boxes will still be costly. The same thing goes to other cute boxes. Luckily, I've done some blog-walking and I stumble upon another better idea for it. 

source ; Merisik Gallery

rather that put it in the boxes, put it in the plastics.
You'll save more this way.

And it still had those cute looks.

Great, isn't it? Plus, it is not a must that it should be cookies. It can be marshmallows, candies, or even non-edible things like candles. All you had to do is tie up some ribbons and cute tags. Or you can decorate it with another war either. Up to your own creativity. If you're lazy enough, just make some order. They do have the service for it thou. :)

p/s: still wondering whether I should get back to hometown this weekend. Mama already called because she needs me to make some decision regarding the bedroom's decoration. Oh no, she's making me excited all over for this engagement.


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

for door gifts mmg banyak boleh saving if kita pandai nak d.i.y. cth mcm u have said, u boleh baking. kalau beli cookies kat kedai dah berapa kan?

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nana.

idea ni menarik. tapi masih tak dapat nak decide nak letak apa dalam cute packaging macam tu.

sometimes harga ribbon and deco lebih mahal dari goodies inside.

bila tengok diorang buang-buang the packaging terus down tak tau nak bagi apa. isk~

dilemma la.

ElyaElmo said...

gudluck on ur preps dear!!~:)

d'Fedrin said...

mizzamy ; tau xpe. tp ader jgk rase risau tu takut2 x sempat nk D.I.Y.. hahaha.

syahira ;
salam. hehehe. mmg down bile nmpk org x hargai, sbb tu nana decide nk bg bnde yg edible. at least xdela merata sgt. lau bg mcm candle ke cawan cute tu ke, nnt jd perhiasan je. paling2 berhabuk.

so utk nana, maybe majlis nnt nana bg cookies dgn candies. maybe m&m yg warne warni tu. deco ngan ribbon, pastu put them kt dlm transparent plastic. *if ader la*

elyaelmo ; thank you. :)