Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choosing. Deciding.

On the 7th day of Raya, my famili and I had to attend a funeral at Sg. Buloh. So I told mama, why don't we just go to KL to find the fabrics for engagement dress after that as it is hard to find the right one in Taiping. Well, mama agree with the idea so we went to SACC Mall's Euro Moda in Shah Alam. The fabrics there are really gorgeous but yeah, the price is drop dead expensive, for an engagement. Its not that I can't afford it but I just think that those kind of price for just an engagement is not worth it. If its for a wedding, I really won't think twice to grab it. Hehehe.

After make a tour in the outlet, we make a move to Jalan TAR. It is such an amazement to see that there are no traffic problem in Jalan TAR. I guess its because of Raya. I'm glad that its easy for us to find a lot to park the car.

at The Harrisons, Jalan TAR

Mama and my aunt were busy choosing the colors. We've decided to do with the offers as we don't have to waste more time in choosing. Actually the white color fabric is the most beautiful fabric at that time. I immediately fall in love with it. But I don't want to buy it now cz I want white to be the color for my solemnization. Thou, that is really gorgeous !

They've decided that the peach color will suit me the most.
So my aunt are doing the final check to make sure that the fabric are fine.

We also went to look for the veil, tudung and headgear on the same day. At last, I managed to have a strikethrough on my checklist ! I know I haven't provide my full checklist as it is actually in my organizer but I think I'll provide it later.

Engagement Dress
  • fabric
  • design
  • tailor - paid deposit already
  • fitting - 15 december
  • tudung
  • veil
  • headgear
  • shoes - still deciding whether to buy a new one or not.

Guess that's all for the moment. I'll tell about the design later. Its not that the design is something special but I guess there is nothing wrong with sharing, right... Gosh ! I think I can't wait for that day.... :)

Moments until Engagement : 3 months and 10 days


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

salam dear... nice color u have choosing. hope everything goes well.

The Pink Dress Diary

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nana.

peach nampak sweet tau.
nanti sharing caring info baju kamu juga ye. kamu beli 4m laces dapat 4m lining kah? prize dia reasonable tak? saya pergi Euro Moda rasa nak pitam tengok harga baju-baju dia.

d'Fedrin said...

mizzAmy ; thank you. ^_^

Cik Syahira ; hahaha. sweet kn? tau Syahira suke peach, oren, pink dan seangkatan dgnnye neh... hehehe. kt Euro mmg mahal sbb nama Euro Moda tu wlaupun ade jenis kain2 dy ad jgk kedai yg x brape nk femes jual. I beli lace 2.5m (utk baju je) dpt free 4m lining for RM169. Bg nana mmg reasonable sbb kain2 dy mmg berkualiti mcm kt Euro Moda jgk. Cantik.

sharifuddin N shakina said...

peach pun warna idaman utk engagement kina nanti..hehe..xsabar nak tengok ur engagement dress..:)

d'Fedrin said...

kina ; yeke ? nice. ramai orang minat peach kn? hehehe. design baju tu xdela anything special pn. tp tu la, da alang2 blog b2b... share la jgk nnt. :)