Thursday, October 28, 2010


To those who'll be having engagement or solemnization... I am sure that most of you would love to choose chiffons, etc. as your dress's materials. It'll be gorgeous if you add up some beadings on the fabric. When I was looking for beading works, a friend of mine suggests me Patternz.

Picture source from Patternz's Wordpress.

The picture was taken from their Raya 2010 Design Collection. You can browse more for the designs or you can ask for your own design. I think that the price is affordable since the work is also pretty.You can see their pricing here. I was thinking of sending my baju kurung for some touch up. Hahaha.

Hugs and Kisses,


Cik Belle said...

thanks nana for sharing this! *love*

d'Fedrin said...

Ur welcome, Cik Belle.


ElyaElmo said...

tau2 jee...elya tghh usha2 beadingg tuk buat baju nikah :)

d'Fedrin said...

ape lg..
sile la terjah web tu..
mane tau kot2 ad pattern yg berkenan di hati.. :p